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real journal entry

wow.. i havent updated this in awhile, i owe it to erinnnnn to write some stuff here
anything for her ;-)
guess thats the story of my life ( anything for a friend....)
anyways, i ain't gotta rant for today... too dead tired to care
i got like a month an a half til my 21rst..... guess thats a month and a half til im kicked out
proly should get a place soon, but i aint worried... things will end up good in the end, if not then i guess i'll sleep in a car and shower at lifetime or something.

money aint too bad yet, dont got bills to worry bout...
but it'll hit all at once, rent, cell phone, gas,new comp, maybe insurance.
worse case, i wont have insurance, or a cell, or a comp... i'll still find a way to update erinnn

ive been sleepin decently lately... 5 hours a nite ( which is all im asked to do)
and my 2 jobs havent given me shit hours ( like 49 hours w/in 69), but its taking a toll on my body

i havent drank in awhile, and i stopped smokin ( weed, or ciggs) ... kinda by choice, kinda not
luckily my jobs keeps me super busy, otherwise id be an alky or somethin

guess the only thing i ask is if you got somethin to direct towards me... e-mail me, don't post it on livejournal for everyone to see... if you post it, dont use my name.. use hints, an alias dont really matter

anyways, gotta go sleep and go apt searching
cant believe its been 4 years since dad ( one of my best friends dad... like one of my own [dads] ) died... time just flies away

vaya con dios
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