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tv and radio freaks

allright, i don't get why people get soo hyped about being on tv, or hearing their voice on the radio.

w/ the radio... its like, "whoopty shit! i can hear myself!!!" if its a contest, its one thing. but if it isnt, you're just retarded... you can fuckin talk to a wall if you wanna hear yourself. besides, when you call in... you're not supposed to have the radio on so that you won't get that weird echo effect. dont get me wrong, im not saying don't call radio stations... i just dont understand why people get soo excited about hearing themselves.......

now w/ tv....
"holy shit, i can see AND hear myself on the tv" .... wow, its called a camcorder or a mirror. no one really cares if you're on tv... think about it, only your freinds care if you're on "TRL" and thats like what, 50-100 people out of several hundred millions ( just in the united states ). all we want is to be able to watch the videos ( which they dont even fully show). the producers think they're doing a great job, pleasing everyone by showing these shit stains crying cuz they're on tv, or can see a band. it just pisses people off cuz you cant hear the 30 second clip of the damn song ( BET and MTV does this shit ). also, if you wanna see a band soo badly, just go to a concert
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