Ronald McDonald (patrioticorepak) wrote,
Ronald McDonald

god protects the fools, drunks, and children

wow, today im a very lucky kid

this all happened w/in 1/2 hour of my shift at mickey d's:

i got pulled over for going 55 in a 40 ( down by 13 and dequinder).. i didnt have liscence or registration on me
so i had to go in the back of a cop car
guy asks me if there were nething in the car that he should know of.. i told him there was my meds for vertigo, and a sword and a knife
they end up searchin the car w/ a drug dog.
they found 5 fifths of liquor in the trunk and gave me the option to throw it out, or get an mip, i thought bout it, and poured out the booze ( after offering some to the cop)... well they dug some more and found a toy bebee gun chillin w/ the orange tip "colored" black.... they chewed me out for being retarded and threw it away ( bebee's too)
well the dog was going nuts by my trunk ( i had an eight-er of pot in there... it was a x-mas gift)... they ignored him
eventually they ended up going in the trunk.
they began playing w/ the sword and rummaged thru some bags ( finding the liquor)... they went thru one bag and just missed the weed ( it was resting in the bow tie inside the bag)
well, after awhile... the one cop goes in the car where i am and starts writing my ticket... he begins telling me i could be in jail for several years ( distributing prescribed medicines... my meds were in an unlabeled vile...the weapons... drivin w/o insurance and all that crap) he lets me go w/ a "driving w/ a broken headlight" and "driving w/o liscence and registration" which are both waivable... they didnt even get me for "click it or ticket"
all i have to say is God does watch out for fools, drunks, and children... along w/ everyone else
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