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where to start.....

lets see... first off, happy b-day tex (the 3rd) and barr-barr (the 7th)... they're former mickey d's crew. ("old school" of coarse, old school being from the store b4 it got torn down and rebuilt)

im gettin kicked out of my house on my 21rst (its march 29th) for several "good" reasons. oh well,i just gotta work more and start savin money.

this'll put me back on getting another tattoo. they're really addictive.i allready have 4 ( 2 on right arm, 1 on left, 1 on left shoulder blade)

i worked 5 hours at amoco ( from 6-11am) and now i gotta work at mickey d's for another 5 :o( hopefully i'll get sent home early :o)
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