Ronald McDonald (patrioticorepak) wrote,
Ronald McDonald

fast food and gas station ettiquite

i know this has been done before, but i might as well say it here too

if you want us to hook you up, or treat you nicer here are a few tips for ya'll:

at gas stations:
1) always use credit cards when pumping. if not, pay first.
2) it's not a grocery store... we have stuff to get done ( or freinds to talk to over the phone :p ) go in, get your stuff, and leave quickly.
3) there are no barcodes for coffee... pay for that first before you get it. if you buy other stuff, pay for the coffee then.
4)if you get coffee, don't make a mess... throw out your shit, dont to spill the cream.
5) don't give us an attitude, thats just asking us to fuck w/ you
6) dont mess w/ gas station people, that just aint good

at fast food places:
1)if you go through drivethru, know what you're gonna get... don't take all day
2)we hate walkin everyone through their orders... when u get a meal, tell us what drink you want, what size, what sauce you want too.
3) dont take your time drivin up to the next windows... chances are there's a line and you're pissing everyone off, specially the cashier
4)dont come in yellin that we messed up your order, talk nicely.. you'll prolly get free shit
5) dont mess w/ people you dont know, we will mess w/ ur food
6) we dont care if you come back, its not commission... even if it were, dealin w/ one less person aint bad... its not worth the pay...people always go to fast food restaurants... save your breath
7) if you have $10 worth of food, all in sandwiches, call that in and go inside.... if you have more than 3 meals, do the same
8)listen to us, when we say "first window" dont lie and go to the second... when we ask a question, answer it.. its not life or death

this makes all our lives easier, and itd be greatly appreciated if everyone tried to do this stuff.....
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