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Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Subject:im still alive :-d
Time:1:22 am.
Mood: chipper.
allright, wrist is still messed up, but its all good
i have a vacation from mickey d's for like 10 days, and like a 5 day stint at amoco coming up.
im helpin a freind move all day on sat...
my b-day is mon, so my boss and a few friends are gonna get me tanked ( sun nite).... my boss ( above the other one) paid money to make sure i dont remember a single thing on my b-day
and monday ( day)i mite go up to ann arbor to visit friends.....

im movin out soon.... april 1-ish, havent started packing
besides that sosdd
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Sunday, February 29th, 2004

Subject:long time no blah
Time:12:53 am.
Mood: content.
finally got a cell phone
got more rings than i have people on "buddy list"

only lost $150 over lent.... and thats pretty much it.... we can tell im makin an effort.

got new ink today...its a long process
they say my first tattoo-ist mustve put crack in the ink cuz ive come back soo many times for soo many of them

my boss threatened to make me a "2pac-syckle" w/ her cane
what can i say... life is fun


passions is a great, great movie
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Monday, February 16th, 2004

Time:5:27 am.
allright, i have 6 months
bet starts now!!!
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Thursday, February 12th, 2004

Subject:real journal entry
Time:4:06 am.
Mood: drained.
wow.. i havent updated this in awhile, i owe it to erinnnnn to write some stuff here
anything for her ;-)
guess thats the story of my life ( anything for a friend....)
anyways, i ain't gotta rant for today... too dead tired to care
i got like a month an a half til my 21rst..... guess thats a month and a half til im kicked out
proly should get a place soon, but i aint worried... things will end up good in the end, if not then i guess i'll sleep in a car and shower at lifetime or something.

money aint too bad yet, dont got bills to worry bout...
but it'll hit all at once, rent, cell phone, gas,new comp, maybe insurance.
worse case, i wont have insurance, or a cell, or a comp... i'll still find a way to update erinnn

ive been sleepin decently lately... 5 hours a nite ( which is all im asked to do)
and my 2 jobs havent given me shit hours ( like 49 hours w/in 69), but its taking a toll on my body

i havent drank in awhile, and i stopped smokin ( weed, or ciggs) ... kinda by choice, kinda not
luckily my jobs keeps me super busy, otherwise id be an alky or somethin

guess the only thing i ask is if you got somethin to direct towards me... e-mail me, don't post it on livejournal for everyone to see... if you post it, dont use my name.. use hints, an alias dont really matter

anyways, gotta go sleep and go apt searching
cant believe its been 4 years since dad ( one of my best friends dad... like one of my own [dads] ) died... time just flies away

vaya con dios
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Saturday, January 17th, 2004

Subject:tv and radio freaks
Time:5:21 am.
Mood: amused.
allright, i don't get why people get soo hyped about being on tv, or hearing their voice on the radio.

w/ the radio... its like, "whoopty shit! i can hear myself!!!" if its a contest, its one thing. but if it isnt, you're just retarded... you can fuckin talk to a wall if you wanna hear yourself. besides, when you call in... you're not supposed to have the radio on so that you won't get that weird echo effect. dont get me wrong, im not saying don't call radio stations... i just dont understand why people get soo excited about hearing themselves.......

now w/ tv....
"holy shit, i can see AND hear myself on the tv" .... wow, its called a camcorder or a mirror. no one really cares if you're on tv... think about it, only your freinds care if you're on "TRL" and thats like what, 50-100 people out of several hundred millions ( just in the united states ). all we want is to be able to watch the videos ( which they dont even fully show). the producers think they're doing a great job, pleasing everyone by showing these shit stains crying cuz they're on tv, or can see a band. it just pisses people off cuz you cant hear the 30 second clip of the damn song ( BET and MTV does this shit ). also, if you wanna see a band soo badly, just go to a concert
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Saturday, January 10th, 2004

Subject:god protects the fools, drunks, and children
Time:3:21 am.
wow, today im a very lucky kid

this all happened w/in 1/2 hour of my shift at mickey d's:

i got pulled over for going 55 in a 40 ( down by 13 and dequinder).. i didnt have liscence or registration on me
so i had to go in the back of a cop car
guy asks me if there were nething in the car that he should know of.. i told him there was my meds for vertigo, and a sword and a knife
they end up searchin the car w/ a drug dog.
they found 5 fifths of liquor in the trunk and gave me the option to throw it out, or get an mip, i thought bout it, and poured out the booze ( after offering some to the cop)... well they dug some more and found a toy bebee gun chillin w/ the orange tip "colored" black.... they chewed me out for being retarded and threw it away ( bebee's too)
well the dog was going nuts by my trunk ( i had an eight-er of pot in there... it was a x-mas gift)... they ignored him
eventually they ended up going in the trunk.
they began playing w/ the sword and rummaged thru some bags ( finding the liquor)... they went thru one bag and just missed the weed ( it was resting in the bow tie inside the bag)
well, after awhile... the one cop goes in the car where i am and starts writing my ticket... he begins telling me i could be in jail for several years ( distributing prescribed medicines... my meds were in an unlabeled vile...the weapons... drivin w/o insurance and all that crap) he lets me go w/ a "driving w/ a broken headlight" and "driving w/o liscence and registration" which are both waivable... they didnt even get me for "click it or ticket"
all i have to say is God does watch out for fools, drunks, and children... along w/ everyone else
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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Time:1:35 pm.
where to start.....

lets see... first off, happy b-day tex (the 3rd) and barr-barr (the 7th)... they're former mickey d's crew. ("old school" of coarse, old school being from the store b4 it got torn down and rebuilt)

im gettin kicked out of my house on my 21rst (its march 29th) for several "good" reasons. oh well,i just gotta work more and start savin money.

this'll put me back on getting another tattoo. they're really addictive.i allready have 4 ( 2 on right arm, 1 on left, 1 on left shoulder blade)

i worked 5 hours at amoco ( from 6-11am) and now i gotta work at mickey d's for another 5 :o( hopefully i'll get sent home early :o)
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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

Subject:fast food and gas station ettiquite
Time:10:23 pm.
i know this has been done before, but i might as well say it here too

if you want us to hook you up, or treat you nicer here are a few tips for ya'll:

at gas stations:
1) always use credit cards when pumping. if not, pay first.
2) it's not a grocery store... we have stuff to get done ( or freinds to talk to over the phone :p ) go in, get your stuff, and leave quickly.
3) there are no barcodes for coffee... pay for that first before you get it. if you buy other stuff, pay for the coffee then.
4)if you get coffee, don't make a mess... throw out your shit, dont to spill the cream.
5) don't give us an attitude, thats just asking us to fuck w/ you
6) dont mess w/ gas station people, that just aint good

at fast food places:
1)if you go through drivethru, know what you're gonna get... don't take all day
2)we hate walkin everyone through their orders... when u get a meal, tell us what drink you want, what size, what sauce you want too.
3) dont take your time drivin up to the next windows... chances are there's a line and you're pissing everyone off, specially the cashier
4)dont come in yellin that we messed up your order, talk nicely.. you'll prolly get free shit
5) dont mess w/ people you dont know, we will mess w/ ur food
6) we dont care if you come back, its not commission... even if it were, dealin w/ one less person aint bad... its not worth the pay...people always go to fast food restaurants... save your breath
7) if you have $10 worth of food, all in sandwiches, call that in and go inside.... if you have more than 3 meals, do the same
8)listen to us, when we say "first window" dont lie and go to the second... when we ask a question, answer it.. its not life or death

this makes all our lives easier, and itd be greatly appreciated if everyone tried to do this stuff.....
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Sunday, December 28th, 2003

Subject:life is good
Time:1:48 am.
Mood: thankful.
life is good...
x-mas is done
playin santa pac is done for the moment ( til next year)
i dont have to work at mickey d's for the week ( still at amoco tho)
and i have the greatest friends.
i gotta thank erinn for setting up this page/account.
she's the best.
i love ya kid!!!
gotta jett tho, hopefully i'll write back soon
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Time:12:56 am.
Mood: happy.
Hey Man.

This is Depak's Livejournal.
Just fixed it up for ya man...I expect you to write in it!

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